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This item is a new custom-made, OEM replacement, in Medium Flint (gray) color, for 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Ford F-250 F-350 Crew Cabs.
This driver or passenger top "Lean Back" Perforated LEATHER seat cover comes with LARIAT logo on surface.

This seat cover built to factory specs with OEM Quality Leather or Better to match the Interior of your vehicle! 

Our product is exactly the same as your existing original cover, and guaranteed to fit perfectly on your 
seat foam pad.

Please note this item is a replacement, not a slip on or pull over.

This listing is only for the seat cover.

 (Foam pad and frame are not included).

The boxing/skirting is vinyl sewn onto foam like OEM.



There are several different power options available depending on your model and trim, therefore we do not pre-cut any holes for these options.These cuts are to be made at the time of installation. It doesn't have to be a perfect cut, since the power panel will cover it, you always go with a small hole then trim it out until the power control panel fits in the installation available upon request.


Leather Seat Covers vs Vinyl:


Leather breathes so it stays cool in summer and warm in winter – vinyl does not breathe and is cold in winter and hot in summer.

In the cold, vinyl gets hard and stiff.  Leather stays soft and supple.

Leather is very strong and durable, lasting Many years.

Vinyl is much more prone to cracks than leather. Even the best vinyl material shows damage faster than good quality leather.

Leather will breath much easier, will not get sticky on a hot day like vinyl will and it breaks in nicely and gets even more comfortable over time.

Leather gets softer over time – vinyl gets harder.

2002-2007 Ford F250 F350 Driver Top Lean Back perforated Leather Seat Cover Gray

SKU: 5920845
$189.00 Regular Price
$179.55Sale Price
  •                 NO FOAM OR CUSHION INCLUDED



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